New theory

I am not a filmmaker. Nor even a writer. I am a storyteller.

Allow me to explain — I see stories in goddamn everything. And right now I’m treading the fine line between that being unbelievably awesome and it driving me totally insane.

Here was the latest instance. Not perhaps the greatest, but certainly the latest. I was riding the bus home from the market, and across from me sat this lovely young couple (mid-20’s) and their son.

This lovely young couple with matching brown hair and brown eyes. And their blond-haired, blue-eyed son.

The kid was maybe 4 or 5 (old enough to walk and talk, but still pretty high-maintenance). And he was absolutely adorable. Together, the three of them made an almost disgustingly adorable family, but something about the sight of them just screamed at me.

There’s so many stories there. Am I just going all A Beautiful Mind on this shit and seeing things that aren’t there? Because it’s clear as day to me. Let’s see if I can even come close to listing them all…..

* Is he raising his own kid?

* Did he ever doubt it?

* Did he ask her about it?

* Does he know for a fact the kid is someone else’s?

* Does he know that someone else?

* Say he was there and supportive throughout the pregnancy — what drama may have occurred when the kid ended up looking like neither of them?

* Assuming he is the biological dad, what distant relatives for the two of them give them the recessive genes they passed along for their kid?

* Is it a Blue Valentine situation where knows perfectly well he’s not the biological dad, while the kid doesn’t (yet), and he’s totally fine with that?

* How long have the two of them even known each other? (they weren’t married)

* Is it even possible that the kid might be aware of any of this?

I’m not saying I could write a half-dozen features on this, nor even one, but damn if these aren’t potentially really great stories. Whizbang shoot-’em-ups and space alien battles have their time and their place, but the stories that really get to you and stay with you are the ones that come from real life, or what could be real life.

And I see stories like that all the freaking time.

Here’s another example. I frequently get mail for my next door neighbour put in my mailbox. Here we go again.

* How does a mail carrier make this mistake not just more than once, but WAY more than once? Does he have some kind of reading/learning disability? Should he be behind the wheel of a vehicle?

* Sometimes the mail that’s dropped in my box by mistake appears pretty important (bills and such), but I generally don’t get much mail myself and so I only check my box maybe twice a week. Did the neighbour ever miss a payment on something important and get into trouble for it?

* Have I mentioned that the neighbour is smoking hot? Yeah, there’s some stories there.

* Usually I take the mail over to the neighbour myself (see: last bullet point) rather than just putting it in their box like it belongs. What effect, if any, does that little ‘human touch’ have on her day?

* Isn’t she a little upset about this by now, too?

It’s ripples in the pond, really. Or the tip of the iceberg. One tiny little thing that causes so much, or has so much underneath it. Or maybe I’m just off my nut. That’s absolutely possible.

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