New dumb idea!

I haven’t distilled this one to a logline yet, so the description will have to be a little longer.

The working title is Revisions. We start in a high-stakes, life-and-death situation. Think bank robbery, but hopefully something less cliche than that. Our hero heroically saves the day, until – – freeze frame, voiceover.

It’s revealed that the characters in the life-and-death situation are themselves characters in a screenplay, being written by two new characters (played by two of the same actors as in the life-and-death situation). One objects to the resolution being too pat, and a small squabble ensues. It’s clear these two don’t like each other — so why are they working together?

The writing session ends. We follow them home, through a routine rest of their day. They return the next day and suddenly are much nicer to each other and agree with a handshake to return to their writing. Except — freeze frame, voiceover.

They are also characters in a screenplay being written by someone else!

The same two actors play the writers in another room, and one feels this resolution to be too pat.

From this point on, the idea is you’re not sure which scenes take place where. Kinda like Inception. It won’t all be in the writers’ rooms, since that would make it much too simple to tell. And the key will be having scenes and conflicts that could advance either plot.

If anyone out there is reading, tell me — is this clever, or cheesy? I quite like it so far.

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