Anyone looking for a writing partner?

Because guess who is?

I’m pretty sure this is something I need, and I know it’s something I want. It’s so hard to work alone, so I want to stop doing that. Most successful (and, shit, unsuccessful) writers I know of have buddied up, at least for a time. So I’d like to try to find someone to work with.

I don’t necessarily mean work together on the same scripts, though I’d be open to the possibility. Someone to trade work with, give constructive critique. It’s nice to get that from people who know what they’re talking about (“I like it, keep going” is only useful to a point), and while I have joined a peer review website (Trigger Street), they only accept finished drafts. I’d like to be able to get feedback before then. Reciprocity, of course.

Ideally, it’d be someone who writes in the same genres I do, though I find I’m branching out. I’ve got psychological thriller, sports movie, family drama, erotica, crime drama, romance, supernatural drama, drama drama drama drama drrrrrrrraaaaaa yeah I still don’t write comedy. Just not in my bones. So if that’s your thing, terrific. Make your movie and I’ll buy a cheap-ass ticket at my broke-ass local theater and laugh my soul silly when it comes out. But we’re not gonna help each other before then.

So that’s the grist of it — I want a writing partner. Best way to contact me is probably through TNS — or @thenetset on twitter. Once contacted there, I’ll arrange for other methods.

Hope this finds somebody 🙂

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