Dream journal entry

I am a passive observer in this one, but that’s because it was a dream within a dream. I woke up desperate to write about it in my dream journal, but I was riding in a car and cut off from it. This is at least the second time I’ve woken up within a dream.

A man and woman meet by chance and hit it off. He soon finds out she’s the girlfriend of an abusive criminal, already has one child with him and is carrying his second. He implores her to leave him but she’s too afraid.

Confrontations follow. The two become closer, and eventually become intimate. Later, he secrets her and the kid to a hotel in the middle of the night. They get separated for a moment, and when he comes back she’s gone and has cleaned him out.

He finds her again (dreams aren’t often too expressive when it comes to setting or time lapse) and he demands to know what’s what. She tells him she’s just looking out for herself and kid, self-preservation instinct, and that she doesn’t really know how to trust another person. He tells her to give back what she took, and to trust that he won’t turn her in. She does, and he doesn’t.

They meet again days later (I wish my dreams had subplots) and she bears facial bruises. The boyfriend found out about her tryst and let his fists do the talking. She was so afraid for her own safety she fled without her child, and breaks down in guilt over leaving the kid with him. She begs him to go to their home and take back the kid. He agrees.

He tracks down a gun to help with this harrowing task. They drive to the house. He exits the car, gun in hand. As he approaches the house, the car drives away.

He chalks it up to her mistrustful nature. He presses on, but a police officer, responding to reports of a prowler, sees him. He’s able to hide the gun, but only in a place it can’t easily be recovered. The officer never sees it, and lets him go. Unequipped, he abandons the mission and returns home — to find it utterly empty.

It was a long con. She’s cleaned him out and she’s not coming back. He has nothing on them, and they have a gun with his fingerprints on their property.

Some time later, he sees the couple and child eating at a restaurant. He catches her gaze, and she excuses herself to go talk to him. She says she did have real feelings for him, but can’t change who she is. He tells her that she can change who her children are to become, and she says she hopes he’s right.


And then I wake up in a damn truck or something, eager to enter all of this in the journal. I can’t, so I write it on a….soda bottle label. Yeah multi-level dreams are weird as shit. Wouldn’t that be trippy if it happened in a movie? The whole thing was just some dream dreamt by somebody you never even met throughout the course of the story. I don’t know if there’s a producer on the planet who’d be willing to take that risk 😛

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