Fictionalizing a real thing

As noted in my loglines post, Bump Set Spike! concerns a team going after the world club volleyball championship. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?


The FIVB Club Volleyball World Championship is a thing that exists. But nobody in North America tries for it. It’s always won by teams from Europe, and frankly Africa might be the secondary continent for it (being that volleyball is organized by continents).

So unless the story were to be set in Europe, it’s already stretching credulity a little bit. I wouldn’t know how best to set a story in Europe…eeeeexcept for the part where I’m kinda already doing that, with the cycling story. So much research. So few hours in the day.

But the next point kind of ties in to both — I couldn’t use that name, “FIVB Club Volleyball World Championship,” unless I had the legal right to do so (which, spoiler alert, I don’t). So it matters less than you might think at first. Same with the cycling story — it ties in pretty well to what’s standing in place for the Tour de France, only of course I can’t call it that.

So it’s restricting, and it’s freeing — at the same time. It’s odd finding a middle ground.

And this has to be done for everything, great and small. Nicholas includes a scene where a character pulls up a social networking website. So that’s what the script has to call it – ‘a social networking website.’ Can’t say it’s facebook.

Now, all this said, it doesn’t matter until I try to send my baby out in the world. It’s of course fine to use facebook or Tour de France as a placeholder. But for more significant things, it may not be such a good idea, as even close approximations might be legally protected, which could end up having a bad impact on the story.

Ugh, I wish it weren’t like this. ‘twould be so much easier to write the damn thing (as if that’s even easy).

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