Dream journal entry

I am a vagrant, a couch-surfer. I show up unannounced at my father’s house, where my sister also is. I’m not sure if she lives there regularly or is just visiting herself, but she is looking after a small child. I suspect it’s a baby half-brother I’ve never met, but she won’t tell me.

I’m in their city because of some huge event going on that I want to see, and be a part of, that’s happening later that night. I spend over an hour trying to reach my father on the phone, using numbers I know and numbers my sister tells me. Each attempt gives only voicemail.

I settle in, expecting that I will remain here. Eventually father comes home, and he is upset at seeing me. Though it is a long drive away, he says he will take me to my mother’s home, where I had just left. He does not want me here. I am very upset with him, but what he says goes in his own home.

I suggest that we go to the event together, or all of us. He won’t hear of it.

As we head to his car, I contemplate making a run for it. I’ve never done that before.

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