Been thinking about Kickstarter

I really really really want to just go ahead and make “The House Call.” The only problem? I have no filmmaking equipment. As in, none. I’ve drawn up a budget for what I’d need to get started, and it will cost ’round about $2,500.

That’s not a staggering amount of money for crowdsourcing. It’s below Kickstarter’s average (which is about $5k). But I see two main problems with going that route.

Number one, I very much want to remain as anonymous as possible, for reasons that would be obvious if you knew me personally (but you’re not going to, so there!). Kickstarter tells prospective backers to see if campaigners have “facebook linked” and I just have no intention of getting that involved. The thought of it makes my stomach turn. But I must point out that I would hardly be alone as a filmmaker wanting to remain behind the camera at all times. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh are husband and wife and frequent collaborators. I don’t know if Walsh hasn’t ever given an on-camera interview, but it’s just as well relative to her husband’s fame. It was considered something of a surprise that she even did feature commentaries for the Lord of the Rings DVD’s. They decided when they first made a family together that one of them needed to remain anonymous, and it was to be her. I admire that. I’d like to follow the same path.

But let’s say that doesn’t bother Kickstarter backers. They’re fine with funding a name on a screen. The second problem I see is would my Kickstarter solicitation even be permitted? Kickstarter projects have to have a tangible goal with an end date. And to be sure, making “The House Call” is what I’m burning to do, but it’s not like the cameras and the prop gun and the computer and software (for editing) I’d want to buy beforehand would just vanish into thin air once production closed. This would be for an ongoing thing, for, at the risk of sounding snooty, starting my own production company.

I’ll need to research Kickstarter’s policies and history a bit more before I try to do a solicitation there.

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